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   What are 3 tips for debate?

  • Understand your opponent's arguments to expose their faults and highlight inconsistencies by reframing.

  • Be concise: prioritize and distribute your time effectively.

  • Take advantage of your opponent's time; concede ground strategically.

 What are the 4 stages of debate?  Establish the rules of the debate, including timelines. Research the topic and prepare logical arguments. Gather supporting evidence and examples for position taken. Anticipate counter arguments and prepare rebuttals.

What are the five rules of debate?

  • Debating Rules

  • 1.) Motion. The motion of the debate is the topic of the discussion. ...

  • 2.) Sequence. Debates are held with four teams (eight speakers) in total – two teams for the proposition and two for the opposition. ...

  • 3.) Timing. ...

  • 4.) The Chairman. ...

  • 5.) Points of Information. ...

  • 6.) General Rules.
    What are key terms in a debate?  Rebuttal: speech that rebuilds arguments after attacks and refutes arguments of the opposing team. Refutation: directly attacking the opposing teams' arguments (also known as “clash”). Resolution: the proposition or subject offered to debate. Status Quo: the current state of affairs, the present system.

      How do you start a debate step by step?

You can start your speech with a powerful quote. It will hook the audience instantly. Or you could start with introducing yourself like "Hello/Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen", "Welcome to this side of the house", then you can present the motion of your debate. The audience must understand the topic of your debate.

  시간 ; 2:20 ~ 3:10 (토) /  대상 ; 2 학년 ~ 5학년 / 강사 ; Robert  

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